Our son, Devon, bought a new Viking from Howie a couple of weeks ago. He finally convinced his dad that it was time to trade in the Harley® for something both of us could use. We came up to the store on Monday, June 29th, to do some looking. We had heard that there was a used Bombardier for sale. We found Howie right away, looked at the unit, and made a deal right there based on photos of our Harley® and its build sheet. We are thrilled with our purchase and cannot wait to have fun with it. I was in the car business in finance for over 20 years, so I know all of the drills and all of the games. There was no pressure, no fuss, just a great buying experience, even though we kept the guys after closing (which was one thing I swore NEVER to do after being stuck after hours more days than not over the years!) Our compliments to all on a well run, user friendly store!!